Final Fantasy XI prepares for monthly content changes with its January version update

Contains some monsters.

Earlier this week, we awarded Final Fantasy XI with a special achievement award for being the best game stuck in maintenance mode, because the game keeps getting updates. That trend isn’t stopping in 2017 either, it seems; it’s actually expanding a little bit, as the next major patch is changing up monthly content opponents while also expanding the Ambuscade reward system for players. This is not a definition of “maintenance” that most people in the world operate on.

Players who step into Ambuscade after the upcoming update will be able to get both normal and +1 versions of Ambuscade tickets in addition to the normal rewards, which should make it even easier to get the rewards you seek. Omen is also having new materials added and new crafting recipes to go along with it, while there are planned improvements for Trusts and new rewards for various battlefields. Sure, they’re not new story chapters, but it’s still an awful lot in the latest monthly patch for a game in maintenance.

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