New Nostalrius PvP server goes live this weekend


Just when you thought you were going to get through the new year without a single mention of Nostalrius, January 2017 kicks you in the face and hauls the World of Warcraft vanilla emulator back into the headlines.

Apparently the two revitalized Nostalrius servers over at the Elysium Project are doing quite well for themselves, enough so that the community is preparing to bring online a third server this Saturday, January 7th. The brand-new shard will use the PvP ruleset and offer players a chance to start from scratch together.

Elysium mods are warning players to use unique passwords for their Nostalrius accounts, as a rival vanilla WoW server was hacked and its user info stolen.

Nostalrius, its shutdown by Blizzard, and its subsequent resurrection on the Elysium Project sparked some of the most verbose and heated comment discussions on the site last year.


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