Origins of Malu proclaims ‘we are not dead,’ downgrades from an MMORPG


Last April, we reported that the indie MMO Origins of Malu was suspending development as it sought investors to help fund the project. Since then, there has been movement on the game, although it still appears that the team is small, underfunded, and struggling to deliver its vision.

Let’s get this out in the open: Origins of Malu’s future as an MMO is still on hold, as the team has decided to focus its efforts on creating a “unique” battleground experience for the early access title. The game is sticking with the Unreal Engine 4 and is holding off on making it purchasable again until the full plans for future development are revealed. A small late-December patch created a new login screen and user management system.

“It’s been painful road, folks, but we are not dead and going forward I will do my best to update you every Wednesday,” the project’s leader reported.

Source: Steam. Thanks Agemyth!

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