Revelation Online details the basic of its PvP options

And you can kill them.
In Revelation Online, Saturday night is all right for fighting, as is Sunday night through Friday night. There are lots of ways to fight other players, in other words. A new post on the official site details the most basic routes to PvP, starting with just beating the crap out of other people in the open world. To prevent indiscriminate murder, the game penalizes attacking another player who doesn’t fight back with the Killer mark, which makes you open season for other players to assault you without penalty.

Players can also take part in arenas and battlegrounds, with the former available in 3v3 and the latter hosting 10v10, 20v20, and 30v30 modes. The battlegrounds will also contain PvE elements, and both types will be available in 10-level increments past level 40. If your first thought about getting to play a new MMO is about how you can kill your fellow players, you’ll be happy to know that you have a variety of options to choose between.


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