Rumor: Elder Scrolls Online players datamine map of Morrowind’s Vvardenfell, hint at DLC


Speak quickly, Outlander, or go away!

Fancy a trip back to nostalgia town? Elder Scrolls Online Redditors have datamined what appears to be a map of Vvardenfell, the massive volcanic island at the heart of Morrowind and the location of the fan-favorite 2002 TES III: Morrowind RPG. It’s no stretch to assume that Vvardenfell DLC is on the way.

It’s a little bit odd that buildings and boats would be in exactly the same place an age later, but if it’s legit, it’s time to get excited, especially in context with Matt Firor’s hints about something “amazing” coming in 2017 beyond housing.

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Source: Reddit, with huge thanks to Leilonii!

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