Rumor: NCsoft might be working on Aion 2

This is all good.

So NCsoft is working on another MMORPG. This in and of itself isn’t terribly surprising, since this is how the company makes money. You might not even think it’s all that noteworthy, since thus far absolutely nothing has been announced about it. All that’s known is the name: Project A2.

Except that that name actually implies something, because NCsoft has a specific way of naming its projects: They’re usually named for the first letter of the upcoming title. But “Project A2” implies that it’s not a new project, but a sequel… say, an Aion sequel?

Of course, nothing is written in stone yet; it’s all speculation based on a name and might turn out to be something else altogether. But that “A2” sure is suspicious, and if you’re hoping for another go at Aion, there’s something to hang speculation about a sequel upon now.

Source: The Fact (Korean); thanks to Leilonii for the tip!
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