Nexon transfers Atlantica Online to VALOFE next week


Back in July of 2016, we learned that Atlantica Online was being shut down by all of its respective operators: Nexon America, NDOORS, and Daum. The good news was that developer VALOFE was planning to pick up the pieces and host the game, though there was no vocalized plan for the transition.

Now there is. VALOFE announced today that it’ll fully take over the game from Nexon on January 11th. The trick for existing players will be making sure they transfer properly — within the next five days — else they’ll lose their old accounts.

“Players are heavily reminded that by the 11th of January, everyone who’s unable to use the transfer service will lose all their data. Once Atlantica Online’s been officially transferred to VALOFE’s GSP (Game Service Platform), the Game Operation Team is eager to connect with the community and listen to their needs. The Game Operation Team promises to deliver what the community was denied as long as it’s within reason.”

Atlantica is an oddity in the MMO genre — a turn-based tactical MMORPG that originally launched in 2008, way before that was cool.

Source: Press release, transfer post

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