The Daily Grind: Do you look forward to being ‘done’ with an MMO?

They're big, you see.

I have a lot of reasons for taking something an extended break from Final Fantasy XI, but one of the biggest reasons is that I know when I’m done with it… that’s it. Sure, there’s repeatable content in the game, I can farm at Ambuscades for a while, hit 99 on every job, all of that stuff. But there is a point at which I will be done, and anything more is just spinning my wheels. The game is in maintenance mode, and it’s more accessible now than it’s ever been, and I love that… but it also means that being done is, well, being done.

This is not actually new; I’ve been done with games frequently. I cleared all of the content available in the original Guild Wars before the first expansion, had the outfit I wanted dyed the way I wanted, and had an excellent set of gear. I’ve finished up all expansion content in World of Warcraft. I’m pretty much done with the current Final Fantasy XIV patch. And it gives a sense of accomplishment, a feeling that you’ve done what you set out to do. But it also means that there’s no more; you are out of game to play.

So what about you? Do you look forward to being “done” with an MMO? Or are you more willing to stretch things out?

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