2001’s Battleground Europe plans Steam debut this summer


One of the MMORPG genre’s oldest running 3-D games is planning to join its comrades on Steam by this summer.

Battleground Europe’s team announced in its 2017 roadmap that a push to get the game on Steam by this summer is a major priority. The game has already been greenlit for the platform. Other goals for the year include stabilizing the campaign, upgrading to 64-bit hardware, adding Italian soldiers, and including VOIP.

“All of our goals and objectives this year relate to making it onto Steam, it is PRIORITY 1,” the team said. “And we’d like to thank you all for your outstanding patience in the time it has taken, believe me, no one is more anxious than us. But good things come with hard work and proper preparations.”

Battleground Europe, formerly World War II Online, launched in June 2001 and has been continually operating ever since.

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