RuneScape is planning three expansions in 2017

RuneScape was nominated for our Most Underrated award this year and made it into our top 10 list of healthiest MMOs, and for good reason: The 2001 game saw its highest profits ever in 2015, its 250,000,000th player, and a constant parade of content updates, spinoffs, and legacy server nods, culminating in a Chinese expansion and new London offices.

So it should come as no surprise that Jagex has big plans for 2017 too. January is expected to update Divination, add the Nex: Angel of Death content storyline, and reprise several events. February should introduce new skills for the Invention system, XP events, and a secret event: “Let me tell you what a little bird told me: it’s great, Scott.” Shattered Worlds, the achievements system, spring events, a dailies rework, retooled challenges, a bank rework, and a redesign of the mining/smithing professions are also on the way, in addition to — count ’em up — three expansions in June, September, and December.

The June expansion and the City of Menaphos first teased back in September.

“We want you to enjoy exploring the sunny city, discovering rewards, quests and other treats as you go, which means keeping a lot secret. But we have made sure that there is stuff worth shouting from the pyramid-tops. Firstly, there are the Tombs of Amascut, which will bring much-needed strategy and skill to non-combat training. Jump into a tomb and show your skill at raiding them to receive windfalls of resources and XP. There’s a new addition to the desert questline with the corrupted god Crondis. There’s a new slayer dungeon to master which comes with a range of new mobs and – finally – an increase to the Slayer level cap, taking you all the way to 120.”

Check out the preview video for a zip through and clear your calendars.

Source: Official site. Thanks, John!
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Daisy Luna

I think the only disheartening about this update is because it’s all about making money but overall it’s awesome how you can use RS gold to buy weapons and other materials that might needed in the game.