EVE Online delays, rolls back today’s patch

EVE Online delays, rolls back today’s patch

CCP took EVE Online’s core server, Tranquility, offline this morning for a rare unscheduled downtime and rollback, the apparent result of “several issues that were identified after today’s daily downtime that have been causing significant latency,” as CCP Falcon put it to forumgoers earlier today. “Tranquility will remain offline while we carry out a little faultfinding and rectify the issues we’ve had.”

Since that post, Tranquility has returned to service, but the 119.1 release that was scheduled to launch today has been delayed and the core server rolled back to 118.10, though don’t worry — you’re not going to lose anything in the process. Other than time if you were trying to log in during the unscheduled maintenance.

“Due to an issue with the 119.1 release which resulted in server stability issues after its deployment, we will be re-deploying the 118.10 release while we work on a fix. […] The redeployment of the 118.10 release will have no effect on any progression on Tranquility.”

The downtime/rollback is unusual for the game, which back in November went free-to-play with the Ascension expansion and saw its numbers expand accordingly. As the Ancient Gaming Noob put it, “We haven’t had a patch day failure in ages.” The precise reason for the rollback is not yet public.

Source: Official site via TAGN

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