Sea of Thieves’ treasure hunting requires a lot of cooperation


For those still trying to get a handle of how Sea of Thieves will function as a cooperative online game, look no further than the newest Inn-side Story video. In it, the developers discuss and show how a small pirate crew of three or four must work together to sail ships and hunt for buried treasure.

By deliberately withholding knowledge of certain nautical hazards and directions to each station on the ship, the devs hope that a crew will share their slice of information with each other to navigate to its destination safely. If a treasure chest is found on an island, the crew has to work together to bring it back to the ship, guard it, and deliver it to an outpost in order to claim its bounty. And yes, the chest can be ambushed and stolen in transit by other players.

You can set sail with the Sea of Thieves crew after the jump!

Source: YouTube