Star Trek Online details the vessels of the Tzenkethi

Take that, EVE.
As cool as the troops of the Tzenkethi look, the race would not be a plausible threat in Star Trek Online without starships. It’d be a rather silly war if it had been the Federation against biplanes with phaser banks. So now you can see the starships, and they immediately look very different from other ships in the universe. They almost resemble designs from another game, possibly one in which a large number of people blow one another up over bits of territory in space.

Whether or not you agree with that comparison, there’s plenty of interest to be found within the design diary. The Tzenkethi employ a modified swarm approach to space combat, with each ship augmenting its fellows in combat; rather than having each individual ship be disposable, however, the race uses strong shields and mobile ships to present a versatile armored force. Check out the visuals and the mechanical aspects on the official site.


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