Revelation Online details closed beta 3’s PvE content

Revelation Online details closed beta 3’s PvE content
Debuting in the third round of Revelation Online’s western beta that kicks off next week is a big chunk of new PvE content. has detailed what to expect in a new dev diary on the official site.

First, we know there are three dungeons coming with multiple difficulties and level requirements: Grand Bulwark, Mech Citadel, and Tower of Pain, the last of which is a race to the top of a seven-floor edifice for “glory and fancy cosmetics.” Oh, MMOs.

Second, you can expect updates to existing dungeons: Misty Hollow gets a level 60 raid version, Trial of Four Kings gets another solo version for level 65, and Scour Dungeon will be smacked with another two floors of trials.

Finally, there’s a new amusement park map called Fairie Funland — yes, it’s stuffed with minigames — plus the daily group event Reason’s Grief and new random quests that players can pick up from faction bulletin boards and the adventurer’s guild.

You’re not gonna be bored, anyway.

Here’s yesterday’s trailer again in case you missed it!

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