Star Trek Online launches Season 12 on January 26

Guerillas in the mist, indeed.
It’s hard to believe that Star Trek Online is coming up on its seventh anniversary. But you should believe it; the game has been running for seven years, and it’s kicking off its anniversary celebration with the launch of Season 12: Reckoning on January 26th. This patch sees the players facing off against the Tzenkethi with the help of the Lukari to prevent the race from utilizing wide-scale deployment of protomatter weaponry.

Players will have access to two new queues, a new featured episode with actor Tony Todd as General Rodek, and a new reputation to improve. The anniversary event will also include the new Lukari science ship and plenty of other festive rewards for all captains, whether you’ve been with the game since it first left drydock or only started playing recently. Check out a small gallery for the update just below, and get ready to kick off another year of boldly going in just a couple more weeks.

Source: Perfect World Entertainment press release

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