Elite: Dangerous updated powerplay in its big patch this week

Elite: Dangerous’ 2.2.03 patch rolled out yesterday to players on both PC and Xbox One. While it’s primarily a large balancing and tweak patch, there are some new recipes, a new mission type, a new module, and powerplay updates — that’d be the big faction control system added back in 2015.

What isn’t in the patch? Players always notice what’s not in the patch. “We’ve decided to hold back on a couple of elements that we trialled in this beta,” Lead Designer Sandro Sammarco told forumgoers, “specifically changes to shield booster stacking diminishing returns, hull armour hardness increases for the ‘big three’ ships (Anaconda, Federal Corvette and Imperial Cutter), and linking gimbal tracking angles to ship sensors.”

“Regarding the shield stacking and hull armour changes, we always said that this was very much an experiment that we were just as likely to back off from as go live with. The feedback we received for these changes was, in the round, extremely positive. But In the end, we felt that we didn’t get enough of it, or the time to finesse the changes further at this point to risk pulling the trigger on such a significant change. We believe that it’s on the right track though, and we’re likely to look into it again in a future update, when we can add to the feedback we already have, and plan for more tweak time as part of the beta. The reason we held off degrading gimbal weapons was because, again thanks to feedback, we felt that it was too blunt a tool to try and create better parity between fixed and gimbal weapons. The extra weight from upgrading sensors, and the general sentiment that the change made game play feel less appealing, lead us to hold off letting this change go through; it is certainly not our intention to entice players to consider fixed weapons by making gimbal weapons less fun.We appreciate that the idea of linking the effectiveness of gimbals to sensors in some way is appealing, but we want to spend a little more time looking at options.”

Meanwhile, players are still collating their research efforts on the alien ruins phenomenon blowing up all over the game’s galaxy.

Source: Official site, forum. Thanks, Cotic!
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