Project Gorgon preps Orcish homeland and level cap bump


Project Gorgon has an ambitious goal: to launch by the end of the year. To make this happen, the small dev team has to add a lot of higher-level content, starting with next week’s Gazluk Plateau.

Gazluk is the Orcish homeland and the starting point for playable Orcs (when they are added to the game). The new zone won’t be fully fleshed out just yet, but it will contain a city, lots of caves, and several secrets to discover. In addition to the zone, Project Gorgon will be increasing the level cap to 70, the first of five planned bumps for the year prior to release.

The team said that it hasn’t forgotten older content and will be adding and improving elements of prior areas as time progresses. Figuring out how all of these pieces and systems best work together is a high priority, and as always, it sounds as though the devs are┬ástill strongly experimenting with them.

Finally, the team gave a PSA on Twitter: “If you’ve got an old account but haven’t logged in for a month: this weekend is the last chance to get holiday gifts from your friend NPCs!”


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