DC Universe Online offers a free skip for players to CR 100

DC Universe Online offers a free skip for players to CR 100
The DC Universe Online anniversary celebration is happening now, and as part of the celebration, you don’t need to play DC Universe Online. Not all of it, anyhow. During the anniversary, players can log in to the game and pick a character to get advanced to CR 100, ready to jump in to tier 5 and 6 content, at absolutely no charge whatsoever. And that’s just for free players; paying members can advance two characters to CR 100 right out of the gate.

You can, of course, pick one of your existing characters to bump up to CR 100 from the character select screen. You can also create a new character and skip straight to CR 100 following the character creation process. Of course, it’s worth noting that once the free episode event ends, those CR 100 characters will pretty much require content that’s only available via membership or separate purchase… but hey, no matter how you slice it, you get a free enormous upgrade. That’s pretty cool. Check out MJ’s latest look through the anniversary event just below!

Source: Official Site; thanks to Boom for the tip!

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