Neverwinter: Better dungeon loot and expansion preview

A January 11th patch for Neverwinter might have been one of those updates with little tweaks and fixes that your eyes gloss over, save for the fact that it contains a large change to the game’s dungeon loot tables.

The long and the short of it is that many instance chests, particularly epic dungeon and campaign dungeon key chests, have been stocked with more and improved rewards. The team said that it also “significantly increased” the chance to gain the rarest rewards, and that the game will announce to your party when you pick up something particularly cool.

There’s even a chance to score some previously unavailable companions: “Some of these items, especially when it comes to companions, haven’t been available in Neverwinter for a while. For example, there’s a chance to get a Cleric Disciple, the Sergeant Knox companion, or a Cambion Magus (these ‘out of print’ companions have the same chance rate as others of the same quality!).”

In other Neverwinter news, Leader Designer Thomas “Mimic King” Foss has teased a bit of what’s coming up in the game’s next expansion:


New adventure zone! – The River District. Lord Neverember has made good his claim to reclaim and expand upon Neverwinter by opening up the old Rich Merchants neighborhoods in the River District, and he’s looking for adventurers like you to help him secure the port and land by establishing guard posts to keep the areas relatively safe for looting abandoned mansions and crypts at excavation sites. Trouble is, he’s not the only one with the idea. This new zone comes complete with a new campaign with alternate ways towards completion.

More Treasure Hunting! – The River District is full of possibilities and hidden treasures, all you have to do is find a map.

Ships ahoy! – The opening up of the River District port means lots of opportunities for trading. Protect treasure caravans and barter with travelling merchants willing to trade fresh supplies of Voninblood for resources from the River District.

The Illusionists Gambit! – a crazy skirmish into the mind of a mad Illusionist. Be ready for anything- then play it again and be ready for something else!

Spellplague Caverns Returns! – Refurbished and remastered, we’ve cleared out all the bodies of adventurers gone by, and reopened both standard and epic versions. New challenges, new boss fights and of course new epic loot. The Mimic king compels you!”



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