Star Trek Online details the new queues for Season 12

Shocking no one, you fight the Tzenkethi.
The Tzenkethi are going to be your main foes in Star Trek Online’s Season 12, so it only makes sense that the season would include new queues to face them. Two level 60 cross-faction queues will be added with the update, both of which are available in normal, advanced, and elite versions; the biggest difference is which part of the Tzenkethi force you’re facing and what challenges players will need to contend with.

In Gravity Kills, players will be fighting against Tzenkethi ships orbiting a hypermass used for harvesting protomatter, which is essentially an artificial black hole; that makes destroying the facilities easier through use of the hypermass, but it also puts the allied ships at danger of being sucked in and crushed. Meanwhile, the Tzenkethi Front will force players to disable Tzenkethi ships, steal protomatter bombs, and deploy those weapons against the Tzenkethi weapons platform moving into orbit. Both of these queues go live with the launch of Season 12, so players will have ample opportunity to take care of the threats of both in just a few more days.