World of Warcraft Q&A covers professions, timewalking, and the Brawler’s Guild

This is both awesome and an illustration of what's wrong.

Yesterday, the World of Warcraft Senior Game Designer Paul Kubit sat down to take on a question-and-answer session about this week’s Patch 7.1.5 and all of its changes and additions.

Blizzard Watch has a summary of the Q&As, with Kubit tackling topics such as professions, the micro-holidays, and the Brawler’s Guild. He was asked which fights didn’t make it into the Brawler’s Guild, and Kubit revealed that the team had been fiddling with both a Mario and Mega Man “tribute” that didn’t make the cut.

Kubit said that there aren’t current plans to include vanilla WoW’s dungeons in the timewalking program, but he also admitted that it is possible and doable. Another possibility are timewalking raids, although some of the raids would have to be rebuilt to fit this format.

You can watch the full Q&A session after the break!