Pathfinder Online in talks with anonymous ‘game agency’ for further development

How could this have failed? Oh, right, in every fashion.

Saying that 2016 was a year of “exciting promises” and “disappointing letdowns” for Pathfinder Online, Goblinworks Acting CEO Lisa Stevens said that she’s trying a new tack in 2017. Right now, she is in talks with the CEO of an anonymous “large digital game agency” about possibilities for further development with the game after a funding lead fell through last year.

In her 2017 update letter, Stevens was pretty open about looking to hand the game off to someone who knows more about MMO development. “As much as I want to see Pathfinder Online funded, this isn’t my line of work,” she wrote. “I don’t understand the digital game industry. I have done what I could to explore options as they came to me or to reach out to people I have been introduced to in the industry, but ultimately, I have very little clue as to how likely any of my contacts are to come through with the funding.”

Pathfinder Online isn’t remaining still, however. Stevens announced that the team is pushing out Settlement Warfare in early February. This system will enable small-scale sieges, with new siege engines and siege camps helping in this effort.

Source: Update from Lisa, Settlement Warfare. Thanks Stopher and Simon!
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