Final Fantasy XIV details its GARO crossover event

Oh no, manchildren!
It should be evident by now that Final Fantasy XIV is more than willing to have crossovers that not everyone will love. If the Yo-kai Watch crossover wasn’t to your taste, that’s fine; perhaps you’ll prefer the new crossover with the Japanese show GARO. Or perhaps you won’t care much for the crossover, but you will care for picking up some pretty new dyeable armor in exchange for PvP. Whichever one works, ultimately.

The GARO-inspired armor is available in two separate forms; you can purchase undyeable versions for MGP, or you can pick up dyeable versions as PvP rewards. This coincides with improvements to PvP which will allow players to queue up for Frontline independent of FC affiliation, so it’ll be even easier to get into the matches you need whether you want GARO gear or other rewards. There are also equine mounts available for those who rack up impressive kill streaks, so you may want to take part in PvP either way. Check out a trailer for the crossover event just below; it starts when patch 3.5 goes live on January 17th.