New Dawn heads to Kickstarter for financial support


Stop us if you’ve heard this game concept before: You wake up on an island and have to survive the elements, your own hunger, the wildlife, and hostile forces. New Dawn is hoping that its approach of pitting you as a South American native against pirates in the 19th century is enough to separate it from the rest of the survival sandbox pack. Also, there are tigers. Just roll with it.

New Dawn has finally arrived on Kickstarter, with the team looking to raise $74,304 to finish the title. If all goes well, New Dawn is expected to be released in November.

The team gave some backstory as to why it chose this setting: “The native’s culture has been a source of inspiration for us. Tales of tribes that fight for their land inspired us to tell about their adventurous lifestyle. We have read up a ton about Indian natives and pirates. We became strongly mesmerized by their adventures, so we couldn’t wait longer and started to merge these two amazing worlds in our video game idea.”

Source: Kickstarter
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