Revelation Online has a buffet of PvP activities for CBT3


When Revelation Online goes into its third closed beta test on January 19th, it will keep things spicy with a special focus on the game’s PvP modes. PvP-inclined players can gorge themselves silly on a particular mode or simply sample the buffet of options that are to come in CBT3.

In a new dev diary, the team lists the options that the beta test will provide. These include fighting for treasure on the aptly named Pirate Island, going into the 3v3 ranked arena, registering for a 1v1 death match, or taking part in the game’s large-scale battles with faction wars and territory wars.

Even a simple merchant can be drawn into the PvP scene by attempting to turn a profit on the road: “Remember to watch out as other players can attack your cart, so you may want to take backroads and longer routes to get to your destination to avoid being ambushed. Make sure you have some guildmates with you to protect you on your trade runs, or you could end up losing all of your goods in attacks from other players.”


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