TUG works on producing a ‘minimally viable product’

Too soon? No.

Emerging from months of relative silence, Nerd Kingdom penned a short Kickstarter update about what’s happening with the social sandbox world of TUG. It sounds like progress is still going slowly and that fans shouldn’t expect to see anything big soon. However, there should be more communication going forward.

“Into the coming months, we will be focusing on what is defined as a ‘minimally viable product,’ that is to say, ‘what does this game experience feel like, with polish, for a short play session,'” Nerd Kingdom said. “Working through these things over the next few months gives us an opportunity to start being more open, again, with some of our thinking, and intentions, with design.”

The team reported that they are having a “big investor milestone meeting” on January 19th and will be rolling out a streamlined and stable build to select testers.

Following its successful Kickstarter and 2014 early access launch, the studio laid off half its staff, then found a new investor and released a multiplayer mode. Almost exactly a year ago, Nerd Kingdom pulled the game off Steam while it said it was putting a new $8.5M investment to good use rebuilding the game in a new engine.

Source: Kickstarter

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