Atlas Reactor launches its fully free-to-play patch with a new freelancer

Marry me?
No more half-measures of being free-to-play for Atlas Reactor; with the game’s most recent patch, the title is entirely free-to-play. Not just mostly free-to-play or sort of free-to-play. Get out of here with your “freemium” nonsense, that’s not even a real word. The patch lets players purchase freelancers with Flux (earned in-game) or real money, and those who have already purchased the game will receive 50,000 flux along with a whole lot of other bonuses.

This patch also includes Brynn, the Skywarden, wielding a shield and lance as a front-line menace to enemy teams. There’s also the start of Season 2 and a whole lot of incremental updates to the balance of various characters, so the metagame will shift slightly no matter what. And since the game is fully free-to-play now, you don’t have to take our word for it; you can just jump in and try out the expanded and rebalanced game yourself.


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