Conan Exiles clarifies PvE and PvP rulesets, server wipes

Stringing things together.

Last week, Funcom explained that Conan Exiles will have multiple rulesets for PvE and PvP: purist, relaxed, hardcore, roleplay, experimental, and random, in official and player-run flavors. In response to player concerns, the studio now says it’ll offer more — and will change up how wipes of these servers work.

“We understand your concerns and we’ve been listening. As a result of your feedback we’ve decided to include three types of official servers to accommodate both preferences: PvP servers, PvE servers and PvP Blitz servers. These settings will only apply to official servers. Admins are free to choose whatever settings they want on unofficial servers. The regular official PvP and PvE servers will not be wiped. The PvP Blitz servers will provide an accelerated experience, but will reset after 30 days. This ensures that players on PvP Blitz servers will be able to experience everything Conan Exiles has to offer before their progression is reset. PvP Blitz servers will be tagged in the server description so you can easily differentiate them from the regular PvP and PvE servers.”

And the studio has once again noted that custom, player-run shards can have a wide combination of settings from the rulesets, including accelerated progression.

Source: Reddit

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