Final Fantasy XIV patch 3.5 launches today

We won't be beating you up any longer.
First and foremost, a public service announcement: If you want to avoid any potential spoilers for today’s Final Fantasy XIV patch, you may want to turn off character titles (it’s under character configuration; navigate to Display Name, then look under Other). There’s apparently a spoiler in there! It’s just best to be proactive. But that probably doesn’t matter too much, since that’ll likely be the first set of quests you tackle when you log in to Final Fantasy XIV for today’s patch.

This patch brings the first steps of the path toward Stormblood, along with two new dungeons, the new alliance raid Dun Scaith, new beast tribe quests, more side story quests, new hairstyles, and so on. It’s a lengthy list, in other words. Jump down below to check out our roundup of the patch coverage up to this point before you can log in and start seeing what’s going down at Baelsar’s Wall.

Source: Square-Enix press release