Guild Wars 2 has kicked off the Lunar New Year, hope you like roosters


The world is gearing up for Chinese New Year, which is technically January 28th, but that means the party is just getting started — in China and in MMOs. As is tradition for the franchise, Guild Wars 2 is getting in on the action with so-dubbed Lunar New Year festivities and rooster loot, from minipets to backpacks.

“Every year, Tyrians gather to celebrate the Canthan tradition of Lunar New Year in Divinity’s Reach. Visit the Crown Pavilion today to play Dragon Ball, and open Divine Lucky Envelopes for treats and good fortune!”

New themed cash-shop items abound too, include a Celestial Rooster harvesting tool and new themed dye kits. Those of you watching the lockbox rotation will likewise notice the addition of a “Divine Lucky Envelope” in the seasonal item slot.


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