Path of Exile is coming to Xbox One this year

Path of Exile is coming to Xbox One in 2017, Grinding Gear Games just announced.

“The Xbox One version is also free-to-play and will contain all the content from the PC version, including the upcoming 3.0.0 expansion that includes Act Five,” says the studio. “Xbox One players will play on their own realm, separate to the PC realm. This is due to small gameplay differences between the two versions, such as the number of Flask slots and how some skills are targeted. We intend to follow the same content and league release schedule on both the Xbox One and PC versions of Path of Exile.”

GGG says the port “represents over a year of work from a small strike team within [the] studio – the guys who also created [the game’s] DirectX 11 version.”

Did not see that one coming! Trailer tucked down below.

Source: Official forums, press release
Update: We sent off a few questions to the GGG team, and they’ve turned them around already, less than an hour after the PR blast. Damn.

Massively OP: How will the game’s monetization differ on Xbox One compared to PC?

GGG’s Chris Wilson: They will be the same.

Will new content launch on both platforms simultaneously, or will Xbox One lag behind?

We will make every effort to launch simultaneously, but we won’t delay PC releases if there is a small delay due to XBox certification or something.

Will there be any sort of cross-platform play?

No, we specifically want to be able to make separate balance changes as needed for the console version, especially for skills that will need to control differently.

Is the team working on or considering a PS4 port at some point?

At this time we’re only announcing an Xbox One version.

Should PC players be worried about — here it comes — any console-esque “dumbing down” of the original game’s design and mechanics?

Absolutely not. We’ll make changes to the console version as required but they won’t be reflected in the PC version. We’d rather expose console players to a hardcore PC game rather than the other way round.

Thanks, Chris!

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