Ship of Heroes reveals signature characters, costume slots


City of Heroes spiritual successor Ship of Heroes has a new dev blog out today on what it’s calling one of its “signature heroes”: the body-armor-bedecked Ambassador.

“Ambassador is an invulnerability tanker with high resistance and defense. Ambassador’s given name is Jonathan Cohan, and he was born aboard the FHS Justice. Family legend suggests that he may be descended from a super-hero of old Earth, but surviving records are inexact, and his ancestors tried to keep the family’s history secret. He can be seen and contacted on multiple decks of the ship, and will also give interested players at least one task force.”

Probably the most important bit for players is the note that the character creation system makes space for “items for helmet, shoulders, arms, hands, chest, pants, belt and feet.”

Earlier this week, Massively OP’s Justin Olivetti interviewed Heroic Games CEO Casey McGeever, who told us that the spaceship-bound superhero world will be more cheerful than CoH, that (playable) supervillains are probably not happening, and that a publisher is not off the table.


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