Palmer Luckey took the stand in the ZeniMax/Oculus lawsuit

this is duuuuuuuumb

The lawsuit between Oculus and ZeniMax Studios is a complex one, but you knew that the person behind the genesis of Oculus and the Oculus Rift wouldn’t be able to avoid the stand during this trial. Co-founder Palmer Luckey took the stand on Wednesday to argue that none of the information from ZeniMax was used in developing the Oculus Rift, while the prosecution tried to point out Luckey’s own technical inexperience and the shady circumstances involving skirted NDAs.

Essentially, the question comes down to whether or not former id Software CTO John Carmack brought proprietary information from ZeniMax over to Oculus; if he decisively didn’t, then ZeniMax’s suit has no merit, but if he decisively did, then Oculus’ defense is dead in the water. We’d say it’s up to the reader to decide who’s telling the truth, but at this point it’s really up to the courts following Luckey’s confused and somewhat flustered testimony.

Source: Polygon

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