South Korea is airing a World of Warcraft cooking show


Remember that World of Warcraft cookbook? It’s heading to the next level. South Korean television will soon feature an entire cooking show based on World of Warcraft, which we may presume means that it’s inspired in part by the game rather than the idea that people cook food and then attack one another with swords.

It also presumably means that you’re basing it off of the cooking done by players rather than Nomi, unless the show is all about winding up with a great deal of charred, inedible food.

Choi Hyun-seok, a well-known chef and fan of WoW, will be hosting the show. Participants will cook dishes inspired by and based upon the show as well as talking about experiences within the game, providing a combination of influences that will hopefully prove entertaining to Korean viewers. We can only hope that the show will provide us with an edible real-life version of Delicious Cave Mold at some point.

Source: Kotaku



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