Dogma: Eternal Night adds starting apartment, functional UI and chat


Vampire MMO themepark Dogma: Eternal Night has an update for alpha testers. “Until recently, players could only play around in the character editor,” says the team, but thanks to the latest patch,

“Players can now check out the starting location – a small flat in the city. Right now, all you can do is look around and move in it; we haven’t added object interaction yet, as we need to improve on some of its elements. We will add this as soon as possible (first half of February at the very latest). Now you’ll be able to see a working UI and even the chat system, though for now you can only talk to yourself.”

The studio is currently building two modules: one that “allows interactions within your flat (whether it be the starting location or the one you buy later)” and one that “add[s] interactions outside of your haven.”

Formerly known as Project Dogmat, the game made an unsuccessful Kickstarter bid at the end of 2015 but carried on development with help from preorders and Patreon funding. This past December, the developers released a demo client for players.

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