Neverwinter shows off the enemies of the River District

Monster is not an option, of course.
The River District of Neverwinter (the city) is not a pleasant place, or at least it won’t be soon. For one thing, it’s impossible to find a decent Gnome diner anywhere in the district. For another, it’s overrun by the followers of high-level wizards, which means that players in Neverwinter (the game) will be facing off against Neverwinter’s (the city again) most nefarious would-be gangs. Except, with this being Neverwinter (the game again), those gang members are also empowered by various sources to be more than just thugs with pointy bits of metal.

For example, some of those pointy bits of metal are on fire.

Each group of enemies is affected by the magical focus of its leaders. Kabal’s followers like fire, iron, golems, and all of that fun stuff. Nostura enjoys magical beasts and the Fey. Last but not least, Gyrion has plenty of minions tied to the Spellplague and thus features mutated monstrosities that can best be described as “very blue.” There are also Nashers running around, just to ensure that Neverwinter (the game, once again) players don’t wind up running out of enemies to beat up even before assaulting the three high-level adversaries leading these groups.


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