Daybreak: ‘We have not given up’ on H1Z1’s console launch


Daybreak¬†has posted up an H1Z1: King of the Kill Q&A last night that sheds some light on the state of the game, in one of many planned for the future. “For now we are going to be doing them sometimes on Twitter and sometimes on Reddit, Tuesday mornings at 11am Pacific,” the studio promises.

Of note, Daybreak says it has not given up on the console launch of the game, which was postponed indefinitely in September of 2016 along with the formal release of King of the Kill (which is still in early access), though the studio says it still has no ETA: “We are first and foremost committed to a quality release when we do decide to do it.

The team also says it’s working on desync diagnosis, skirmishes, building a ranking system for small groups, new EU servers, and vehicle bailing. There are no plans for a new map, though the existing map is getting more love.

And as for spectator mode, the team says it’s “working on improving it, but it is a pretty big undertaking to improve the jerkiness of the view of your teammates. In order to improve it we have to change code that is fairly fundamental. So that means we have to be really, really careful, which means it takes longer. We are committed to ensuring that it works well before pushing to live.”

The King of the Kill half of the game is expected to be offline today for up to eight hours while it patches up. [Edit: It should be back up shortly.]

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