Multiplayer survival sandbox Hellion will launch Steam early access on February 24


On Monday, we reported that survival sandbox Hellion had delayed its planned early access from January to February. Today, Zero Gravity has further clarified the delay: Hellion is now expected to his Steam early access on February 24th. Hellion’s the multiplayer-only, PvP-centric one with gorgeous graphics and great trailers, in case you’ve forgotten since last year, when it was first announced.

“The Hellion Early Access build will offer hand-crafted content with procedurally generated elements that will create a meaningful narrative as well as make the gameplay varied and replayable beyond player interaction. In order to survive, colonists will have to loot and fight for limited life support resources, such as oxygen and food, as well as repair and fuel their deteriorating base station and spaceship. Cooperation with other players, at least temporarily, will be unavoidable in order to run bigger ships and survive in the hostile environment. However, in the Hellion galaxy it’s every man for himself, so betrayal sometimes is the best strategy in surviving the adversities of space and conquering the galaxy.”

“For this unique multiplayer experience the Zero Gravity team plan to introduce a series of features, including a complex resource gathering system, a detailed crafting system, unique damage and degradation models for systems and equipment, complex maintenance systems for ships, stations and equipment – all of which are fully modular and customizable – and an immersive background story that needs to be explored in order to reveal the truth behind the devastation of Hellion.”

We’ve got the trailer down below.

Source: Press release

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