Riders of Icarus launches its Sandstorm update

Are you going to HIT me?

There’s a giant raid boss named Sandstorm wandering out in the world of Riders of Icarus, so naturally, players are expected to go kill it. What are you even playing the game for if you aren’t there to murder random supernatural entities, possibly while listening to music of the same name? But you needn’t just take on Sandstorm with the game’s most recent update, because there’s lots of other stuff to do along the way. It’s just that nothing else has the patch named after it.

Players will have access to a new PvP region, Stygaea, and a new solo challenge dungeon, Ellora’s Spine. There are also new familiars, a new cross-server dungeon lobby, and new items in Ellora’s Shop, along with various events and bug fixes. You can check out the patch notes now, but you will have to find your own thematically appropriate music to listen to. (We recommend any remix that includes airhorns.)