Star Trek Online’s Agents of Yesterday expansion debuts on console February 14

Back, back, back in time.
Star Trek Online’s Agents of Yesterday, last summer’s nostalgia-drenched expansion, will warp from PC to console on Valentine’s Day, a press release from PWE declares today.

While the original PC release was deemed surprisingly “short” by our own hands-on, the console release will include the mid-expansion update, Artifacts, as well.

“Agents of Yesterday recruits Star Trek Online captains to become temporal agents and save the future by protecting the past. Players will create a captain from Star Trek: The Original Series and fly one of several 23rd Century ships, including the classic Enterprise, Constitution-class starship. As they play through each new episode, they will interact with iconic characters voiced by beloved Star Trek actors, including Chekov (Walter Koenig), Scotty (Chris Doohan, son of James Doohan), Temporal Agent Daniels (Matt Winston), Admiral Leeta (Chase Masterson) and cyborg crewman 0718 (Joseph Gatt). The console update will also feature a new specialization tree, new special task force missions and content from the Artifacts update, including the K-13 Fleet Holding, new weapons and bridge officers.”

The one and only Star Trek MMORPG launched on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 last September, touting 1.1 million characters rolled by October.

Source: Press release

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