Worlds Adrift attempts to make the fastest ship ever

Worlds Adrift attempts to make the fastest ship ever

One of the big selling points of Worlds Adrift is the ability to create your own airships from scratch. The devs definitely put a premium on providing tools for player creativity, and as an example of what can be accomplished, the team decided to sit down and see if it could make the fastest ship in the EU West.

The video, which also demonstrates the improved engine and visuals, takes players on an hour-and-a-half journey through the game world as the team slaps engine upon engine for their souped-up sky abomination. There’s a lot of useful discussion about the tradeoffs of weight and dependability (and if you’re curious, the previous speed record-holder by the team was a ship that sailed at 55 knots). The devs said that there are “no hard limits” for speed.

See if the developers are able to accomplish their goal after the jump!

Source: YouTube

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