Marvel Heroes unveils new variant costumes, adjusts hero stats and abilities


The fallout from the massive and controversial Marvel Heroes Update 2.0 continues on, as players are struggling to adjust to the new game paradigm while Gazillion is faced with the task of forging forward.

The studio rolled out Patch 2.01 today, and while it doesn’t change Marvel Heroes’ course entirely, its across-the-board changes tell a story of a dev team responding to metrics and feedback. Many heroes received adjustments, several crafting recipes had their costs lowered, and the cosmic trial difficulty was increased a bit.

For players chasing the vanity carrot, there are three new variant series costumes out today that come with a special emote and visual effects. Both Loki and Squirrel Girl are given outfits sans jackets (show off them guns!) while Black Panther got a cape so that he could feel more… Dark Knightish, we suppose.


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