We’re gonna have gorgeous hair in City of Titans


A few weeks ago, the Massively OP writers were hanging in the news room on a tear about mohawks. We’re not against mohawks. Mohawks are cool. But when we open up a character creator and see 50 different types of mohawks and little else? Not cool — just lazy.

So it’s with excitement that I pass along this City of Titans forum piece that profiles Hunter Robins, the 3D developer working on the indie superhero game’s hairstyles, who says he got into game design after catching the team’s eye with his self-taught Sims modding, which he eventually turned into a revenue stream in Second Life, and then into ARK: Survival Evolved modding.

“My job is to deliver a set of quality hairstyles to give the player a variety to choose from, hoping to guarantee at least one they will really enjoy,” he writes.

“My long female hairstyles tend to take me the least time, which would be around 3-4 days. Short female hairstyles can take about the same, depending on how short. Male hairstyles tend to take me 5-7 days. It might seem like the other way around would make sense, (short hairs = less time), but it really isn’t the case. With short hairstyles, the amount of detail I usually spread out on a longer hair is condensed into one, small area. Your eyes are fixated onto just the head, and I need to make it look impressive with a lot of detail in order to make it look nice, or it will look too simple. Male hairstyles also just tend to be more ruffled and messy, which requires me to create more loose strands than I would for females.”

Woot, good hair!

Source: Official forums. Cheers to Charles!