Guild Wars 2’s living world season 3 episode 4 will launch in February


Guild Wars 2’s next living world episode is due in February, ArenaNet’s Mike O’Brien told players on the forums today.

“We’re wrapping up work on Episode 4 of Living World Season 3 and expect to launch it in February, hitting our normal cadence of a new episode every 2~3 months,” he writes in a rare update from his own account. With the season will come a number of long-awaited changes:

“This release will include the promised fix to AB multi-looting. The fix is simple: you can loot each of the great and grand chests once each time you complete the meta, once per map cycle. This release will also include a new, challenging group-farming spot for leather.”

On the other hand,

“This release won’t include legendary armor. We’re getting close to completion, though, and may be able to ship legendary armor with the Ep5 release. This release won’t include a skill balance update. As we did last time, we’ll ship the next skill balance update off-cycle from Living World releases.”

Source: Official forums. Cheers, Kalamari.
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