Lord of the Rings Online lays out its 2017 roadmap

Get ready to assail the foundations of Mordor, Lord of the Rings Online players, because it’s going to happen this year.

Standing Stone Games published its producer’s letter today, delivering a roadmap of 2017 to its players and hinting at more to come in 2018. “Let’s just say that we have years’ worth of plans for Lord of the Rings Online; stories to tell, lands to explore, and heroic deeds to be done,” the studio said.

The studio outlined its major initiatives for the year, including:

  • Update 20: This opens up the new region of the Wastes and invites players to participate in the Battle of the Black Gate. There will also be a new featured instance rotation.
  • The 10th anniversary: The team promises a “new event” to be a centerpiece at this annual festival.
  • Mordor expansion: “New monsters, new mechanics, and new treasures” will greet players as they head into the land of the Enemy. SSG said that the expansion will cover several regions and kick off new storylines.
  • Update 22: The final update of the year, although little detail was given about it.
Source: LOTRO. Cheers, teppic.
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