Neverwinter details the making of the River District adventure zone

Heroes and villains is a matter of perspective
PWE put out a pair of matching dev diaries today on Neverwinter’s River District area, the chief adventure zone coming in the game’s next expansion. Senior Content Designer John Hopler explains that in the storyline, players are returning home to the city of Neverwinter following the Storvald campaign, only to be invaded by a cabal of evil wizards who invade the richie-riches of the River District. The players are tasked with daily questing in underground crypts, aboveground guard posts, and on docked ships along the waterfront — in exchange for rewards, of course.

Environment Artist Jeff Miller’s follow-up piece explains how his team put the lore to work when building out the zone and creating a map that fits in with the city but is still fun to fight in. Both are worth a look for a glimpse into level designers use common locations like cities to create compelling PvE.

Source: Blog #1, blog #2

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