One-eyed Yeti menaces Gigantic, children get snow day


You’ve encountered the abominable snowman, probably more than once, in video games. We assume that you’ve also seen your fair share of cyclopes (cyclopsi?) as well. But have you ever encountered a Yeti Cyclops? Only if you’ve played Gigantic this week, and if that’s the case, then you probably didn’t live to tell the tale.

Gigantic added in two new winter-themed summons to the insanity with its January 26th update. The Yeti Cyclops erects walls, smashes foes, and creates freeze traps to lock down enemy attackers. His colleague, the tree-like Winter Bloomer, is more of a combat medic that can also slow down and entangle foes.

Which one would you want on your side? We don’t want to bias you, but if you don’t pick Yeti Cyclops, we can no longer be friends. There’s no going back from that rejection.

Source: Gigantic

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