Elder Scrolls Online plots reveal of ‘next great chapter’ for tomorrow

Over the weekend, the official Elder Scrolls Online Twitter account tweeted a brief video of what appears to be smoldering volcanic vent, prompting players to renew the rumor already backed up by datamining that points to a possible Vvardenfell DLC for the MMORPG. Gamers will recall that Vvardenfell was the massive volcanic island at the heart of TES III: Morrowind, which just so happens to turn 15 years old in May of this year, making 2017 the perfect time for such an expansion in the MMORPG.

It’s for that reason that we suggest you follow Elder Scrolls Online’s other clue: It’s using that same video as backdrop for its announcement of a stream tomorrow at 2 p.m. EST.

Sure, it could just be more housing info; that comes out next week. But our money’s on DLC, especially since the PR says the team will be “revealing the next great Chapter for the game.”

Source: Twitter.