EverQuest posts 2017 progression server schedule


The Daybreak team is making some adjustments to how it is rolling out its EverQuest progression server unlocks and has provided a post outlining the schedule for 2017 for each of the three shards.

On deck for Phinigel is both Planes of Power and Legacy of Ykesha, which will open up this Wednesday, February 1st. After that, Lost Dungeons of Norrath is coming on April 26th, Gates of Discord on July 19th, Omens of War on September 13th, and Dragons of Norrath on December 6th.  Ragefire and Lockjaw communities will vote on the next unlock around mid-May to see if they are ready for Planes of Power and Legacy of Ykesha. Whenever that vote passes and the expansions unlock, the Lost Dungeons automatically will become available three months afterward.

“Any time we make changes, our goal is to improve the overall player experience for everyone on these servers, regardless of whether they’re in a guild competing for the first clear of a raid boss, or a small group of players working their way through the content at their own pace,” Daybreak said.

Source: EverQuest

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