Star Trek Online shows off its sector map for Season 12

Go bold.
It’s been a long time since Star Trek Online first launched. The game has subsequently had four expansions, two skill revamps, a new level cap, new ships, new factions, new races, and plenty of new storyline additions since that initial launch. But you know what hasn’t really been updated? The sector map, showing how all of the various parts of the game’s various stellar maps fit together to form a portion of the galaxy for players to explore. But now, as of Season 12, it’s updated.

The new sector map leaves off the areas which are no longer available to players (the randomly generated exploration nebulae, for example) and makes the various sectors and regions easier to understand, showing off all of the regions through the Delta Quadrant and other points of interest. You can even zoom in and print it out, if you would rather squint at a printed version. It’s a big galaxy out there, and having an improved visual guide is a great way to facilitate more bold going where others haven’t necessarily been before.

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